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IVCA Event Management Plan 2014


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I think anyone who attended Dermot McGrath's funeral recently will feel, as I did, privileged to have been there. And, tragically sad as the occasion was, the service was unmistakeably uplifting. 

None of us get to choose the manner of our passing (the unmentionable excepted). But if Dermot is now looking down from that better place and maybe reflecting on the manner of his own passing ....  I think it's maybe the way he'd have chosen. And most of the members I spoke to seemed to feel the same. 

Dermot has been a customer in my shop for nearly fifteen years and, like the membership, all the lads here had a genuine and deep affection for him. Embarrassingly, I sometimes do a bit of writing and maybe you'd pass on my thoughts and this poem to the members.  Thank You. 


   To look at Dermot McGrath
You wouldn’t think you were looking
At a big man

 He was quiet and unassuming
He never tried to endear himself
Which was itself, endearing

 He never tried to ingratiate himself
Which gave him great grace
Dermot carried all his burdens
Without complaint 

And he never hid
In the bunch

 Yet to look at him
You wouldn’t think you were looking
At a very big man indeed.

 God speed, Dermot.

John Piggott


Dermot on the 2005 Hill Climb,
top photo,
and below,
the 2009 Hill Climb

Dermot McGrath

Dermot mcgrath

I was at our friend Dermot McGrath's funeral today, may he rest in peace. It was such a sad day and a terrible tragedy for his family in particular. I was speaking to Romano and to Eddie Dunne at the graveyard and l mentioned that I had written a  poem or I should say changed the words of the Patrick Kavanagh poem 'In Memory of My Mother.'  They asked if I could send it in to the IVCA so that it could be shared on their newsletter.

Eithne Ní Chinnéide Dalby   

In memory of our friend Dermot

I do not think of you lying in the wet clay
Of Shanganagh graveyard; I see 
You cycling down a lane among the beeches of a Tuesday,
On your way to Roundwood coffee shop, or happily

Heading, bike in car, to IVCA races,
you meet and say,
Don't forget to pump up those tyres well,
With a wink and a kind word

And I think of you when the first hill approaches,
Knowing you are the one to lead, 


You are the King of the Hills, 
The one who kept the pressure on, the one we followed

I think of you, that glance at the time,
Heading back the road,
The way home, home to Emily,
love for your family,

I cannot think of you without the joy
Of knowing you.
Dermot, you are not lying in the wet clay,
You are in our thoughts and memories,

You are in your rightful place in Heaven
A bike beside you, awaiting us all 
To welcome us home.

An email received from Dermot's good friend and fellow Bray Wheelers member Brendan O'Leary 

Dermot had many parts to his life. He touched our lives on Tuesdays and Fridays. He was involved with the Vets both racing and on committees for many years.  He had a long racing career. Not many people race in their seventies. He really was a remarkable person. 

He was shy, reserved, and thoughtful.   He only spoke when he had something useful to say. He had a wicked dry sense of humour!!
We will miss you Dermot. Waiting at Gregory's while you checked your car door. Chasing you up Callow or Garryduff, trying to stay on your wheel. You never gave up. Always trying to get better. Always looking for the extra percent to beat your rivals. 
Always thinking about Emily and doing what's best for her. 
We will miss you in our little group Dermot. Thank you for being with us, for sharing, for teaching us, for putting up with us, for being our friend.

IVCA Membership
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IVCA Membership for 2015 will officially open in late November/early December. Keep an eye on this website for details.

IVCA Annual Awards Dinner 2014
The Annual Awards Dinner will take place on Sunday November 30th 2014. The Springfield Hotel in Leixlip is the venue and the event will commence at 2pm. Contact Liz at details included in recent email to book a ticket. Don't forget to bring a prize for the raffle, if you can.

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Slaughter Hill Wicklow
Oil Spill

There was a recent oil spill on Slaughter Hill. This has brought about road conditions which are now treacherous for descending on a bike. Exercise extreme caution if riding out that direction in the near future. No sign of any remedial work being carried out so avoid the area. Thanks to Brendan McAllister for the heads up.

IVCA Touring Awards 2014

Dick O'Brien Leisure League
1 Tony Pearson, 1 Philip Brogan
2 Jimmy Murphy, 2 Eamon Newton
3 Mick Byrne
Tony Pearson Wins the Leisure League

Dick (Smiler)O'Brien Trophy ( Oldest member to complete the Wicklow 200)
Jim Sullivan

Lily O'Connell Trophy ( Oldest female to complete the Wicklow 200)

Jack Lynch Trophy (Oldest member to complete 50 in 4 and 100 in 8)
Tony Pearson

Joe Hoare Sheild (Reliability Trial)
1 Tony Pearson
2 Eddie Mongey
3 Eamon Newton

Silver Touring Medals ( 50 in 4, 100 in 8 and Wicklow 200)
Tony Pearson, Philip Brogan, Lar Cully, Willie Lawlor

Winter Training and the various characters

The annual article on the various winter training types. Have you ever ridden with any of these lads? I have met most of them over the years although strava man is usually way ahead of me.

Thanks to stickybottle and Tim Barry for the article.

Recognise these guys?

Marshal Matrix
for 2014 season

Marshal List/No Shows(TT/RR) Aug/Sept 14
: Red means you did not show for a rostered duty. Blue means you have been rescheduled or swopped. The August/September no show TT marshals are now being listed. The full list will be available shortly.

IVCA Road Race Leagues
Final Overall Classification

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League 1:

1. Dylan Rafter
2. John Brady
3. Greg Burke
League 2 :

1. Quentin Jansen
2. Sean Lally Snr
3. Damien Lyle Stirling
League 3 :

1. Colm Conway
2. George O Rorke
3. JJ Boylan


A good article which explains methods of cycling safely in a bunch/group of riders. This is worth a read regardless of experience but is especially important for novices to bunch riding.
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